Harita Asumani

Ilie Duta
December 13, 2023
Dorian Bolca
December 13, 2023



Harita Asumani is born in Plovdiv in 1992.

She has a bachelor’s degree of Scenography in the National Art Academy, Sofia. The main topic in her works is the role of the human in the universe and modern society. She is interested in the defense mechanisms of the Self and the treatment of traumas, yet on the other hand, she is keen about the soul path based on esoteric teachings. She works predominantly in the field of painting, while experimenting with other artistic practices.

Her artistic language is figurative, and many of her works contain recurring characters and elements arranged in linear compositions.

Her leading sources and inspiration are inner life and personal experiences, some philosophical doctrines, popular science literature, and some branches of psychology, but also social media, and pop culture.

She has numerous participations in exhibitions here and outside of the country.