Ilie Duta

Ivelina Ivanova
December 13, 2023
Harita Asumani
December 13, 2023



Ilie Duta is born 1982 in 1982, Pitești, Romania.

He attained a bachelor’s degree in 2011 at FAD, after which he completed his M.A. and Ph.D. He currently lives and works in Timisoara. He is a member of artistic groups – KAT, navaC2, T40.

During his studies, he worked with ESAL France and ESES Portugal, internships that offered him new opportunities to explore the sensitive and slightly utopian subject of recycling, an art direction that is slowly becoming an international trend.

He works with a wide range of materials depending on the chromaticity and form, with materials that benefit the environment. He uses repeated elements with which he creates decorative-aestheticized sculptural objects, by utilizing recyclable and non-recyclable, disposable and everyday materials.