Mirela Cerbu

Mitch Brezounek
December 13, 2023
Mihai Toth
December 13, 2023


Mirela Cerbu

Mirela Cerbu was born in 1997 in Arad (Romania).

She completed her BA and MA in Graphic Arts at the Department of Art and Design, which is part of the Western University of Timisoara.

During her studies she received a scholarship in Spain in the field of illustrations. She is currently a PhD student at the same university, where she develops research on the topic of absurdity. Her PhD thesis is entitled “The Visual Poetics of the Absurd and Playful Expressionism”.

Her interests are towards different elements found in nature, anatomical parts from the structure of living things, also even living environments.

One of those aspects is represented in her works by the exploration of behavior in a plastic language, of a basic element, found in the organic world, but who holds a special supply of mystery, diversity, unexpected structural aspects, a variety of implications, etc.

Mirela works predominantly with the medium of large-scale paintings and drawings.